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Praise for the ‘Most Important Graph’ and Tony Buzan

“A simple yet potent formula; in this book Tony shows you how to improve your memory without having to learn mnemonic techniques and better still, shows you how to ensure people remember more of what you communicate.”

Chris Griffiths – Author of ‘GRASP The Solution’

“Other than the smartest companies in the world and the smartest people in the world, how come nobody else is using it? That’s the question on my mind.”

Dharmendra Rai – Mind Mapping & Mental Literacy Trainer

“Tony Buzan will do for the brain what Stephen Hawking did for the universe.”

The Times

“Graphs are vital to success and the Most Important Graph in the World is the ultimate success graph.”

Bill Jarrard – Managing Director at Mindwerx

“Tony Buzan has done it again… make your mind work better.”

Ken Blanchard – Multimillion bestselling author of ‘The One Minute Manager.’

“Tony didn’t invent the brain – he did invent the instructions.”

John Husbands – Institute of Management