Plot a Memorable Path to Success!


In The Most Important Graph in the World, Tony Buzan offers an eye-opening and energising theory for what lies at the heart of any kind of personal or business success – your memory.


How to Remember… and Be Remembered!

Through his ‘Most Important Graph’, Tony reveals how even a simple understanding of memory and its improvement can instantly and dramatically change your life – helping you both remember and be remembered in anything you do.

This amazing graph shines a spotlight on the 7.5 key principles of human memory and opens up new possibilities for managing yourself and influencing others, gifting you with complete self-management and personal empowerment.


A Graph? Or a ‘Formula for Life’?

The ‘Most Important Graph’ isn’t just a graph about memory – it’s a ‘Formula for Life’. Use it to plot a successful path through any task, communication or venture:


  • Deliver speeches and presentations that hit the mark
  • Acquire more and more new skills
  • Enjoy positive social interactions and harmonious relationships
  • Plan any kind of event or meeting
  • Develop PR and marketing with real impact
  • Design unique products and services
  • Raise your creativity and intelligence
  • Bring clients to your door
  • Maximise your time
  • Protect your legacy


With the ‘Most Important Graph’ to hand, you can turn life’s tiresome troughs into positive peaks – peaks of enjoyment, memory, creativity and performance.


So make a start on your very own success graph, TODAY!

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