About ThinkBuzan

Leaders in creativity and innovation for over 40 years.


ThinkBuzan is the organisation behind the world-renowned Buzan and iMindMap brands, much celebrated for its ground-breaking approach to effective thinking, creativity and learning.


Arriving at its current form via the merging of the Buzan Organisation and Buzan Online in January 2010, ThinkBuzan is wholly dedicated to promoting mental literacy and innovative thinking to an ever-expanding global audience.


Among the products and services offered by ThinkBuzan are:


  • iMindMap Software
  • Buzan and iMindMap Training Courses and Consultancy
  • Buzan Books
  • iMindMap Mobile and iMindMap Mobile Pro Apps


The company is best known for inventing Mind Mapping – a creativity and efficiency boosting technique now used by millions worldwide. The popularity of Mind Mapping as an aid in study, organisation, problem solving and decision making continues to grow spectacularly from year to year.



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