Tony Buzan


Known to millions as the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan has helped people around the globe to unlock their creativity, improve their memory and boost their thinking skills. He is a prolific author and has written over 100 books on the brain and thinking, translated into 33 languages in over 150 countries.


Lecturing around the world to schools, universities, corporations and governments, Tony has been the instrumental driving force behind global mental literacy.


Tony is the founder of the World Memory Championships, World Speed Reading Championships and The Brain Trust Charity and in 2008, he was honoured to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Creativity Association (ACA).


In this completely new work, Tony reveals how a simple understanding of memory and its improvement can instantly and dramatically change our lives and the lives of those around us.




Jennifer Goddard


Jennifer is a Master Trainer in iMindMap, the Director of the Buzan Centre: Australia/NZ and co-founder of Mindwerx International. An expert in the area of creativity and innovation, Jennifer works with a wide variety of organisations and schools in Australia, NZ, USA, South Africa, Middle East, UK and Asia.


One of only a handful of Master Trainers in Buzan’s Mind Mapping and other Advanced Learning Techniques, including Speed Reading and Memory.


Jennifer has a passion for mental literacy, whole brain thinking, our multiple intelligences and works with Tony Buzan around the world.


Interestingly, Jennifer is the convenor of the Australian and Thailand Memory Championships, the Senior Arbiter at the World Memory Championships and was crowned “Memory Maven” by Australian Anthill Magazine.


Follow Jennifer on twitter @fuzz2buzz.



Jorge Castaneda


Jorge Castañeda is President and Managing Director of Buzan Latin America, a leading company in the fields of Intellectual Capital Development and Value Creation methodologies.


Jorge has been an international consultant and speaker for more than 20 years in the areas of Innovation and Creativity, Root Cause Analysis, Strategic Focusing, Project Management, Cultural Transformation, Neuroeconomics, Risk Management, Analytics and Intellectual Capital Development. He has also been a World Bank consultant for the Mexican Government in Process Transformation and Risk Management.


Jorge is the inventor of the Root Cause Systemic Mapping methodology for root cause analysis which is widely used in government institutions in Mexico.